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In 2009, the four-member girl group known as 2NE1 (pronounced “To Anyone” or “Twenty-One”) burst onto the Korean music scene like a comet with their hip-hop/reggae influenced debut hit single “Fire”.  Their edgy, attitude-laced sound and fashion-forward style immediately set them apart from other girl-groups coming out of Korea.  CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy quickly became known for songs reflective of their independence and confidence as women, with hits like “Go Away” and “I Am The Best” providing anthems for females of all ages.


The girls continued with the momentum created by the success of “Fire” by releasing their first mini-album on July 8, 2009.  The self-titled set included their second single, “I Don’t Care”, a send-off message to a playboy boyfriend backed by a softer, slowed down track.  2009 continued to be a busy year for 2NE1, with the debut of the first season of their reality show “2NE1TV” and solo singles being released by each of the members.


After quickly making a name for themselves for being in a class all their own, 2NE1 went on to push boundaries with the release of their first full-length album entitled “To Anyone” in 2010.  The single “Go Away”, is the ultimate kiss-off song, and the accompanying music video, which depicted the group’s leader CL dealing with an abusive boyfriend, took their message of female empowerment to the next level.  On the aggressive dance-pop single “Can’t Nobody”, CL uses her confident delivery to rap “So watch out when we come for you, Cuz playtime it’s done for you, It’s my time and it’s my time, I’m pound for pound, best to ever come around”, an assertion that only a group like 2NE1 can make you believe is true.


In 2011, CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy proved they had fully come into their own.  They released their second mini-album, which included the hit single “I Am The Best”.  The single immediately topped all of the Korean music charts within 24-hours of its release and the music video set the bar for what a music video should look like.  It caught the attention of people worldwide, with Perez Hilton asking “Why can’t we have girl groups this hot in America???” on his site in response to the video and racking up over 46 Million YouTube views to date.  2NE1 went on to sell out all three nights of their first solo concert at the Olympic Hall in the Chamsil Olympic Park on August 26, 27 and 28.  Quickly thereafter, they made their official debut in Japan, with the release of the Japanese-language mini-album “Nolza”.  The release went on to reach #2 on the Japanese iTunes chart and #4 on Japan’s Oricon chart.  2011 also provided 2NE1 with the opportunity to prove that their talent knows no boundaries, when they beat out 9 other international acts to win MTV Iggy’s “Best New Band In The World” award, which culminated in a performed for their US fans at the award show at The Best Buy Theater in Times Square, New York.


In three short years 2NE1 has left their mark on the international music and fashion scene.  Under the guidance of producer and songwriter Teddy Park, the mastermind behind all of 2NE1’s hits, they have created a cutting-edge sound that has drawn the attention of artists such as of the Black Eyed Peas, with whom they have collaborated and recorded new music with.  Wearing eye-catching, edgy looks, they have become inspiration for world-famous fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, who collaborated with the girls to create the Adidas x 2NE1 “JS Collage Wings” sneakers.


2NE1 are now ready to take on the world.  Next up for the foursome is “2NE1 New Evolution”, their first global tour, which was produced by the girls’ label YG Entertainment in conjunction with Live Nation.  To kick off the tour, 2NE1 released the digital single “I Love You” on July 5th.  2NE1 are ready to make good on their lyrics from “Can’t Nobody”, “Every show we shut it down, Blow your speakers with this sound, Build you up then break you down, We comin to your town”.  “2NE1 New Evolution” will bring the girls to New Jersey’s Prudential Center on August 17th and Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater on August 24th.



Name: Bom Park

Stage Name: “Bom”

Age: 28

Bom was born in Seoul, South Korea but left by herself in the 6th grade to study abroad in the US.  As a high school student, she fell in love with music and became a big fan of Mariah Carey.  Wanting to pursue music as a career, but unable to obtain her parents’ blessing, she secretly transferred from another college to Berklee College of Music to follow her dreams of being a performer. Bom auditioned and was rejected multiple times by YG Entertainment before she was ultimately accepted as a YG trainee and eventually made a member of 2NE1.


Name: Chaerin Lee

Stage Name: CL

Age: 21

CL was born in Seoul, South Korea, but lived in the US, France and Japan during her childhood.  Known as the leader of 2NE1, CL brings her singing, rapping and dance skills as well as a fierce confidence to 2NE1. She recently performed alongside the Black-Eyed Peas at the 2011 MNet Asian Music Awards in Singapore, standing in for Fergie on “Where Is The Love”.   In addition to her musical talents, CL is fluent in Korean, English, Japanese and French.



Name: Minji Gong

Stage Name: Minzy

Age: 18

The youngest member of 2NE1, it was Minzy’s excellent dancing ability that caused YG Entertainment President, Yang Hyun Suk, to personally recruit her after seeing a video of a then-elementary school aged Minzy dancing on the internet.  Using her time as a YG trainee since those early elementary school days, Minzy has refined her dancing, rapping and singing skills to become a performer whose confidence and talents far exceeds her age.


Name: Sandara Park

Stage Name: Dara

Age: 27

Dara was born in Busan, South Korea, but her family’s business saw her move to the Philippines when she was 10 years old.  Her career as a performer began in the Philippines where she rose to fame after competing in a network television talent search competition.  In a short amount of time, Dara recorded and released and an EP, appeared in numerous commercials and filmed four movies.  However, she eventually put her career in the Philippines on hold following her family back to Seoul, South Korea, where she quickly became part of the YG Entertainment family.



YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment is the entertainment company established by Yang Hyun Suk, of the popular Korean act Seo Tae Ji and Boys.  YG has been at the forefront of the popularization of hip-hop music in Korea. From its inception, YG Entertainment has been the birthplace of some of Korea’s most popular and well-respected artists, from YG’s earlier artists such as JINUSEAN and 1TYM, to the immensely successful current acts, BIGBANG and 2NE1. The company has flourished by creating a family-like atmosphere where ideas on music, fashion, art and culture are exchanged freely between the artists, producers and staff members alike. The YG Family also includes a respected roster of Korean actors and actresses, including actress and director, Ku Hye Sun, best known for the popular TV-drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

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