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Extra Medium Pony


Leigh Greaney


Extra Medium Pony are a group of friends from the Cleveland, Ohio area. What initially appears to be Indie Rock upon closer investigation reveals much more. Is it Folk, LO-FI, MID-FI; does it matter? Shakespeare would be rolling his one good eye. We’ve evolved considerably over the years. Beginning as a solo project, we’ve gradually added members over the years to become the quintet we are now. Pretty cool, right? The band is persevering through a tough two-year stretch which, for frontman Rick Spitalsky, has been a real nightmare.

Spitalsky has what is called phobic anxiety. He can feel trapped almost anywhere at any time, sometimes for no reason at all. This was at its worst while we were recording the new album, Traffic. You can hear the nervousness captured in the guitar, you can feel the pulse race in the drums, you can feel weakness in the vocals and a sense of being lost in the organ. At times it’s difficult for him to leave the house, which renders playing live locally an immense struggle, and touring feel a lifetime away. He’s been receiving help and has made improvements to where some sense of normal seems possible. Spitalsky says, “Having this group of friends who not only believe in my songwriting, but me as a person has made this darkness a little easier to shoulder. The new album, named after the largest source of my phobia, is entitled “Traffic”. It’s due to be released on April 16th; that was my Grandmother’s birthday. I miss her.”

Rick Spitalsky wrote all the songs, lyrics, played guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, melodica, lap steel, chord organ, recorded and mixed this record in our basement. Juan Granda played drums, David McHenry played bass, Nick Tolar played guitar and gathered the friends in the first place. Aric Hines played keyboard, Liz Kelly contributed vocals, Clayton Heur played violin, Mike Allen played cello, James Grossenheider played synthesizer.

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