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Ezza Rose


Leigh Greaney
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Ezza Rose was introduced to the band life at a young age.  She first sat in on top of the speakers playing tambourine while her Dad’s band entertained the local watering hole in the desert town of Julian, CA.  Not long after, she found a CB drum set under the Christmas tree. She went on to become the only female, punk-rock drummer in her town of 1,500. When she moved on to college, the drums wouldn’t fit in the dorm, so she picked up a guitar and started writing songs of her own.  During a holiday break from her performing arts conservatory, Ezza and a friend hitchhiked to Portland to check out the arts scene; a trip which inspired the move to her current home for the past decade. Ezza has been making records and establishing herself in Portland, and touring communities as far away as New Zealand.

Craig Rupert moved to Portland a year or so after Ezza with a roots rock ’n’ roll band from the east coast.  He met Ezza while playing on the same bill at a local truck stop when she was playing with one of her other projects, Winterhaven.  Ray Johnson was the drummer for that band as well, and soon, all three were playing music together in Winterhaven. After that band dissolved, Ezza asked Craig and Ray to join the project bearing her namesake, Ezza Rose.

Fast forward a couple years and bass players later, the band had recorded their latest record, No Means No, and was in need of a road-ready musician to round out the group.  During an after-hours hang at the bar Ezza works at, Alec England peeked his head out of the kitchen upon hearing the rough mixes.  Without knowing the band’s bass player woes, he expressed interest in playing any instrument should someone quit. He landed the gig.

Ezza’s last record, When The Water’s Hot, came out In early 2015.  It was a departure from the softer folk sound she had developed in past records, turning back to her roots in the rock ’n’ roll world.  Fueled by the frustrations of a social climate that has always felt unjust, Ezza’s sound continued to reflect just that. Digging deep into the vulnerable bank of things silenced over a lifetime No Means No was born.

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