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Grant Earl LaValley


Leigh Greaney


Grant LaValley is a self-taught musician and self-proclaimed Midwestern schlub. His grandfather gave him his first guitar at eight years old, which collected dust till he lived on the side of a mountain in his twenties, in Covelo, California. It was there in Mendocino County living in a trailer with his cat, that Grant discovered himself as a songwriter.

Sitting on a mountain, listening to heavy hitters like Townes Van Zandt, Grant thought, “well, I bet I got a song or two in me.”

“Weed changed my life,” LaValley says his former line of work gave him the means to break away from the system; gave him the freedom to not pay rent, to be whom he wants, and to pursue what he wants.

Grant made some “money and quit the crazy scene”. On a solo trip in search of affordable land, Grant found Joshua Tree where he bought a cabin and has lived since 2012.

For LaValley it is all about finding time to create as a working class person in our hyper capitalist world. He hopes to inspire others to pursue their art through the mess of a broken system.

“When it comes down to it, I want people to enjoy what I do,” LaValley says about the music he puts out into the world.

So here is A Brighter Day, a collection of uplifting tunes that didn’t appear on the former album, from his darker side: From LaValley Below.  

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