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Cory Councill



Honors is a Canada-bred band that divides their time between home and Los Angeles. The freshly-minted alternative R&B group are known for their #1 Global Viral Spotify chart hit “Over” and have been described as “dazzling alternative R&B full of superb vocal harmonies” (Huffington Post) and as artists who “combine trap & indie perfectly” (Run The Trap).

No strangers to the hustle, Honors wrote their forthcoming debut album based on struggles they’ve faced on the way to the top. In an industry packed with success and thirsty hopefuls, they’ve climbed numerous trails to reach their current peak, ten years in the making.

The band members of Honors have been performing together since they were teenagers, and at the age of 21 they were signed to their first major label deal. They immediately went to Miami to work with Timbaland, who was fresh off of global smash albums with Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. One would assume that this moment would be the ultimate catalyst to their success, but it was not. While the band was in studio, Timbaland abruptly recoiled from the industry and all of their recordings were lost.

The boys then returned to Toronto and began to collaborate with a number of young producers and writers who would all go on to international acclaim: Boi 1da (Drake, Eminem), Illangelo (The Weeknd) and Ludwig Gorannson (Childish Gambino). The result was a succession of radio hits in their native Canada, selling over 1 million singles, but the lack of a crossover in the US sealed an all too familiar reality, and resulted in the band being dropped by Universal.

In spite of this, the band toured relentlessly in America, but were forced to confront the possibility that perhaps their ambitions would fall short, and they would face an uncertain fate. Frustrated, the band decided to take a break, and opted to move to Los Angeles in an effort to change scenery and decide what the next chapter would be.

Again, their natural creative gravity produced a series of new relationships; Murda Beatz (Drake, Migos, Nicki Minaj) crashed on the couch, while Jessie Reyes would come by the house for early writing sessions. Nights were spent in studios while Lou Bell and Post Malone worked on what would become his breakout album.

Continuing to see success build all around them, the guys decided that their milestones thus far – both the good and the bad – were collectively a badge of honor, and thus with the development of their latest project, they named the band Honors.

Honors are not band mates, they are brothers; rehearsing in the same garage that they met, under a moniker that seeks to defy their collective past, and live up to an ambition seeded a decade ago.

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