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Jane Machine


Leigh Greaney
Big Hassle


Jane Machine lies somewhere in your subconscious catharsis. Erica von Trapp, vocalist, songwriter, and producer, explores space, demons, and desires through a mix of layered synths, intimate vocals, and head-nodding electronic percussion. The result is a haunting pop noir, vacillating between sensuality, gloom, and mania.

Von Trapp started producing music back in Paris in 2014 and after moving back to Los Angeles/the California desert (where she is from) has a strong notion for lush electronic textures combined with a vehemently ethereal natural space.

Jane Machine’s first LP “Back Seat Driver” was birthed in France after she left the United States following significant family losses. The album was finished in the high desert and Northeast Los Angeles by 2017. She is finishing up the next LP in her studio in her Joshua Tree desert studio, scheduled to release early next year.

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