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Lindsay Lou


Emily Ginsberg
Big Hassle Media


Lindsay Lou has been making beautiful, soul-shaking music for the last decade with her band The Flatbellys, though 2018 marks what might be the biggest year for the band, both sonically and with the fact that they are dropping “& The Flatbellys” from their name, a decision that seemed like the natural next step for them. With three albums under their belts – 2010’s Lindsay Lou, A Different Tune, 2012’s Release Your Shrouds, and 2015’s Ionia – the band is set to release their latest, a transformative and heart-wrenching album titled Southland. The identity for this particular record – the beauty with which its sound slips into the ether – didn’t come by crazy random happenstance. The year leading up to its recording, 2016, was a rough year emotionally for several of the band members so – after taking a beat to really delve into the roots of it all and work on themselves – the band is re-emerging with material written during that time in a cathartic and transformative light.

Raised with a sense of community that was cultivated by a humble but culturally enriched and musical family, Lindsay is an absolute powerhouse. Her vocals are robust and intense and her knack for writing and musical instrumentation is well-developed. Her sound wouldn’t be what it is, however, without her talented band of pickers and harmony singers. Joshua Rilko and PJ George form the heart of this band. With their transition into a more genre-bending style and a new perspective on life, they are ready to completely take over the world. Southland is a refreshing glass of water on a hot summer’s day, and will fill you with warmth during the harshest winter storm.

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