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Emily Ginsberg


“Lipphead” is the new collaborative release from New York producers Blockhead and Eliot Lipp. While the two have toured together in the past, “Lipphead” marks the debut of their collaborative recordings. Releasing June 21st, 2019t digitally and on 7” vinyl, the self-titled EP includes two new songs “Slippery Fingers” and “Just To Prove.” Both songs the sweet spot between Blockhead’s groovy, sample based hip-hop and Eliot Lipp’s upbeat electronic funk.

Releasing on Detroit-based label YHS Records, Lipphead is the first of many future collaborations between the two producers. The distinctive look of the project’s artwork is provided by Michigan illustrator Maddie Chaffer, who designed the titular Lipphead character.

Tony Simon, a/k/a Blockhead, has been making and releasing utterly distinctive, funky and emotive instrumental hip-hop for the last two decades. Blockhead produced nine tracks on Aesop Rock’s critically acclaimed album “Labor Days,” and half the tracks on Aesop’s follow up EP, “Daylight.” He has also worked with other indie giants such as Atmosphere, Murs, Mike Ladd and Illogic. His 2017 album “Funeral Balloons” “continues Block’s penchant for slinking grooves coupled with esoteric samples and wry song titles” (Vice). In 2017 Blockhead also collaborated with YHS Records for the vinyl reissue of his 2007 album “Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book” and then again in 2018 on the vinyl release of his album “The Art of the Sample.”

Eliot Lipp is an electronic musician based in Brooklyn, NY. He made a name for himself in the genre of electro when his work was picked up by Scott Herren of Prefuse 73. Lipp has released music in the past with Pretty Lights Music and his own label Old Tacoma Records. In 2017 Eliot released his 10th studio album “Skywave” on YHS Records. Billoboard called the album “a playground of sound.” In 2018 Eliot teamed up with Michna to form the techno/trap group Minutes Unlimited. Currently Eliot Lipp is working on the debut full length release form Minutes Unlimited, as well as a 10thanniversary re-issue of his 2009 album “Peace Love Weed 3D.”

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