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Loney dear




Loney dear, aka Emil Svanängen, is back with his first new (as well as first self-titled) album in six years. Loney dear, his seventh album to date, is due out September 29th via Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. Gabriel has coined him “Europe’s answer to Brian Wilson.” To compliment the album announcement Loney dear has also released a new track entitled “Sum.”

For over 15 years, Emil Svanänge has been making a name for music under the name Loney dear. First from his Stockholm apartment studio burning three homemade albums with a minidisk microphone and a home computer and then with three albums released via Sub Pop.

Known for his elaborate, near obsessive layers of instrumentation and dramatic, emotion-packed crescendos, Loney dear’s music has made fans at NPR Music, BBC, The Guardian, Paste, Spin, Pitchfork and more. The Quietus went as far to describe his recordings as “the sound of God’s own orchestra.”

On this new body of work, Loney dear’s music has undergone a rebirth and Svanängen feels he’s reached a new chapter. “It’s been a little bit like being out on the ocean swimming without anything to hold on to and now I’ve reached the beach. There is a certain new blackness in the music, I have learned to make my inner darkness more visible to people because I don’t want to seem lighter than I am.”

Five years in the making, Loney dear draws inspiration from the jazz rhythms of Nina Simone, the stripped back intimacy and compositional brilliance of Bon Iver, the more electronic side of John Grant’s work as well as hurdles Svanängen’s overcame in his personal life.

In July, Loney dear will preview new music at the UK’s WOMAD festival in Charlton Park (July 29) before embarking on a European tour this fall. Stay tuned for more information about the new album and live dates coming soon!

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