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Zack Kraimer


Zoe Randell started DREAMBOAT in the before times, when New York was buzzing around her. A city before the pandemic, only infected by the diseases of relentlessness and reckless ambition. And that’s where this record starts, with "Emerald City." Zoe flew to Berlin, with Steve Hassett, invited by producer/collaborator Aaron Dessner (The National) for the PEOPLE Festival and they, along with other kindred musicians, all worked on nutting out this energy into music.


But as with the bulk of their work, Zoe really looks at the internal world; private spaces where dreams can become decisions and get put into action; where loved ones can be communicated with across seas in daydreams. So DREAMBOAT is really an album for an introspective time. An album full of worlds to explore, Luluc’s most sonically diverse work.


Luluc’s reputation is gilded among the songwriting community. Jeff Tweedy invites Zoe up onstage; The National’s Matt Berninger proudly touts Luluc, both as an opening act, and as guest vocalists; J Mascis and Lucinda Williams are enduring fans; Kacey Musgraves tweeted Luluc is “music for my soul.”


Zoe’s voice is a popular voice, but her spirit isn’t conformist, she grew up on early punk music and when Iggy Pop spoke about how much he liked her lyrics on Sculptor (2018) she, privately, went out of her mind. Steve Hassett is an accompanist with lush harmonic tendencies both vocally and instrumentally, so together, with some esteemed collaborators, their music is both bold and adventurous, familiar and also utterly unique.


Luluc recorded the album in Berlin and their Brooklyn, NY, studio. They mixed it in isolation on the coast outside of Melbourne, Australia, where they are seeing out the pandemic. Guest musicians include; in Berlin, Aaron Dessner (The National), drummers JT Bates (Bon Iver), Jason Treuting (Sō Percussion), CJ Camerieri (yMusic) on trumpet; and then in Brooklyn with saxophonist Stuart Bogie (Arcade Fire), NY jazzers Dalton Harts (drums) and Jackson FitzGerald (guitars). With all these inspired musical colors to splash around Luluc were able totally realize their vision for these songs; for DREAMBOAT.

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