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An Artist Whose Time Has Come

Marina Acton, a Ukrainian-born, legally trained tech investor and data privacy rights advocate, Marina is setting out to prove that popular, upbeat music can also be provocative, socially relevant, and topical.  Her debut songs will feature and reflect her ever-present joie de vivre, her kinetic personality, and her formidable intellect.  Her music is intended to make you think as much as it is to make you dance.  Though were you to choose one, she would probably have you choose the latter. She embodies a fierce independence in an energetic sound featuring a pop sensibility and multicultural influences.

Born in a small Ukrainian village in a rural setting not far from Kiev, Marina was an active person from the start.  She took to the outdoors at a very young age and developed a love of hiking in the woods and swimming in the local water holes.  She was well known in her neighborhood as that curious kid who was always underfoot, and often getting into mischief.

But Marina’s mother and older sister filled their house with music, and Marina was drawn in.  Inspired and anxious to emulate her sister, Marina taught herself to sing and play piano.  And from then on, Marina’s love of music has been central to her identity, and her core passion.

As it happened, though, her career path was destined to steer her away from music. While appreciation of the arts runs very deep in Ukrainian culture, it is widely considered as a frivolous career pursuit.  And Marina’s family includes a long legacy of prominent attorneys, including a favorite uncle of Marina’s who was the Prosecutor General of the Ukraine (equivalent to the U.S. Attorney General), as well as a mentor and a personal hero of hers.  As Marina graduated from high school, thoughts of a music career were met with staunch resistance.  Pursuits in law or business would be the “acceptable” choices.  The energetic Marina opted to do both, receiving a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters of Law degree in Ukraine.

And it was not long before Marina put those skills to work, enjoying great financial success in the booming post-soviet Ukrainian economy.  But it was here also, in the wild-west environment, that she would witness corruption, often enabled by illicit electronic surveillance.  Among those compromised were people she knew personally.  Ever since, she has been a strong advocate for human rights…and in particular, data privacy rights.

All the while, Marina’s passion for music still burned brightly.  Drawn to the United States in the throes of romance with a musician, Marina rediscovered her “first love”, and began to sing and play piano more often.  Meanwhile, her business success continued in the U.S.  She became an angel investor in tech startups while polishing her legal education at George Washington University.  At GW, she put her emphasis on intellectual property, knowledge she put to great use in the tech world.  With more success and more knowledge of emerging technology, however, came more concern for privacy rights.  So the shape of her investments began to take on a more humanitarian bent, as she was drawn to products that would provide encryption at low or no cost to anyone which firmly established Marina as a benefactor of social causes.

Today, she is a proven success as an investor, a citizen of the world who has visited dozens of countries and a champion of privacy rights. There are only a few boxes left to check…some of the more personal things…those closest to her heart, children.

Next on that list: music.  And it’s a long time coming.  She has always loved music, and always had a gift for it.  She is a natural performer.  And since childhood, Marina has dreamed of what her life would be like if she placed the focus on her music, even for a limited period. What could she achieve artistically?  What sort of connection could she forge with fans?  And if she were to be successful in this quest, could she create a platform doing some good in the world?

Throughout all those years, these questions have been left begging for answers.  Music has been kept at a distance.  There has always been a kind of anti-gravity force at work, relentlessly pushing her away from her music.  Whether it was timing, or the weight of family expectations, or even the distractions that come with financial success, there has always been some reason not to do it.

Until now…for Marina Acton, now is the time.

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