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Opus Vitae


Cory Councill
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Opus Vitae is the moniker of Banah Winn, an artist who much like Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, composes and records everything solo. As someone who places all the work on himself, Banah is a man of much contemplation and emotional discovery. In a similar discourse to Tame Impala, listeners can find themselves lost in the seemingly simple nuances that build into greater intricacies of the mind. Opus Vitae means “life’s work,” something Banah wants to capture and create all while living within the moment.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Banah grew up the son of hippie parents struggled to find his own voice after the generation of rebellion and excess. Moving to Los Angeles, he’s made a promise to find self-acceptance and empathy for others. In the fast-paced city of dreams, he finds peace through the daily practice of yoga and connecting with others on a visceral level through his music. He’s been featured on Buzzbands, Consequence of Sound, and The Wild Honey Pie, as well as the LA radio stations KROQ, Alt 98.7, and KCRW.

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