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Leigh Greaney


Filed in record collections somewhere between the sun-damaged sounds of Laurel Canyon-produced vinyl and a still-dewy Sam Evian album just birthed from a dream cloud, you will find Palmas.

Comprised of Kurt Cain-Walther (vocals/keys), Matthew Young (guitars), and Andrew Torre (drums, percussion, programming), the trio draws upon the diverse platform of popular culture to fuel their deft mix of eclectic sounds. From the depth of noir films to the vibrancy of today’s pop hits, it’s hard not to feel thrust on a journey throughout time by Palmas’ dynamic guitar tones and vehement vocals that push far into the past and float like bubbles in honey back to the present.

Thanks to self-produced EP To the Valley (Lost Colony, 2016) Palmas was hailed by Paste Magazine as “crafting a catchy summer sound that won’t leave your head” and earned support slots for the likes of Whitney, Twin Peaks, and Homeshake. Between playlist placements with Apple Music and Spotify, a collaboration with Adidas Originals, and features in Noisey/Vice and Under the Radar, Palmas quickly secured their spot within the fast-moving landscape of emerging artists.

The Philadelphia/NYC-based band’s forthcoming debut LP Endless Season, once again self-produced and releasing on Lost Colony, brings to mind everyone from The Mamas & the Papas, to Frank Ocean, to The Alabama Shakes. Moving slowly away from the sounds of a day trip to Big Sur, their new mood is more of a soundtrack to a sudden cold snap—a sign the twilight is coming sooner now. Lead single “Bad Dream” will only solidify Blurred Culture’s emblazoning of “the new ambassadors for this genre of music” onto Palmas’ already solid reputation.

In just a two-release discography Palmas somehow brings as much of a bewitching range of influences as the expansive Tarantino catalogue—audiences will be hard-pressed to find another band that so skillfully pays homage to soul, psych, and R&B in 2020.

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