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Diamond Lane Music Group (DLMG) is the fastest growing lifestyle label in urban music. Headlined by songwriting rapper/producer Problem and versatile songwriter and lyricist Bad Lucc, the record label was launched in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles. Diamond Lane is headed by founder and CEO Bryant “Bird” Lawson.


The labels leadoff hitter, Problem, burst onto the national scene in 2011 after being crowned in his hometown of LA. Popular Complex-cosigned music blog 2DopeBoyz recently promoted Problem’s “Million Dollar Afro” mixtape with IamSu, a project also hailed as hot by such media luminaries as The Fader (“two of the most promising up and comers [who] were big parts of two of the biggest rap records of 2012”) and Stereogum who named it their “Mixtape Of The Week.” The two rappers artistic mix compelled music blog to stamp them “two of the most-talked about solo artists in all of rap.” And a 10-city tour sold out in every city from San Francisco to New York.


Considered the west coast’s exciting new movement to move with, Diamond Lane music group has the respect of the streets, love from the ladies, constant requests from the clubs, and interest of industry insiders eager to offer the budding powerhouse major label backing. When the aforementioned Problem teams up with label-mate Badd Lucc, a hit is likely to follow.


In the Spring of 2013, Bad Lucc and Problem catapulted into the national spotlight with their radio smash “Like Whaaat”. The trendsetting single topped playlists all over the West Coast and it’s music video spent several weeks on BET’s 106 And Park countdown. The video is full of hip-hop ambassadors (Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound, E-40, etc.) and quickly surpassed 1 million views on YouTube, generating immeasurable buzz for both Diamond Lane artists.


“Like Whaaat” may have placed Problem and Bad Lucc on the national rap map, but industry insiders have been familiar with the two hit songwriters for some time. Having worked studio sessions with legendary hit-maker Dr. Dre and world-renown Snoop Dogg, Problem’s approach to creating a song is one of beginning to end, with a hand in every aspect from writing and rapping to producing, mixing and engineering. He has written and produced alongside T.I., Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Snoop and countless others. Problem played a major part in one of the hottest club anthems of 2012, the platinum selling smash “Function” featuring Bay Area family E-40 and Iamsu! One of his earlier breakthroughs came with Snoop on the Terrace Martin produced “Upside Down” from the hit album Malice n Wonderland. Coincidentally, Bad Lucc’s lyrics can also be heard on Malice n Wonderland, but as a writer not a rapper. The catchy songwriter penned Malice’s biggest singles “I Wanna Rock” and “Gangsta Luv.” Also, nicknamed The Writer, Bad Lucc enjoyed a strong fan reaction to “Choices” (May 2013), the lead single from his official Diamond Lane debut album Meet The Writer. It is Problem and Lucc, along with Diamond Lane production collaborator, Beat Boy from production team League of Starz, that handle the bulk of Diamond Lane’s sound.


Problem & Bad Lucc

With Problem’s significant songwriting, knack for crafting catchy hooks, gift of coming up with memorable song titles, and his fun but fearless turn-up persona he has managed to release a succession of standout mixtapes.


He recently released the critically acclaimed mixtape series “Welcome to Mollywood” Volumes 1 and 2, but it’s the aforementioned street anthem “Like Whaaat” off Mollywood 2 with label mate Bad Lucc – the song West Coast radio has on spin like rims beneath Lambo accelerators being pushed down by Timbs – that has truly placed both label and artists on seemingly everyone’s radar.


Bad Lucc, the imposing Watts emcee with a stature like Biggie throwing lyrics like Frisbees, is perhaps the Shaq to Problem’s Kobe for Diamond Lane. After releasing an impressive string of hot street records including “S.L.U.T.” and “The Trap House,” the dapper but dangerous rapper put out “Breaking Bad”, a conceptual project that impressed industry insiders due to its consistency of production and infectious flows. In May 2013, Lucc released “Choices,” a song and music video about decisions he’s made since getting his start in penning hits for legendary rap stars.  The song is the first release from his upcoming Diamond Lane Music Group debut Meet The Writer.


Early History: Diamond Lane in Detail

In 2010, Bird set out to cement a significant LA lifestyle brand, one with a street aura and gritty edge without relying on a gangsta rap ethos. He acknowledges the once popular Jerkin’ dance movement was big for LA as it took the kid’s minds off of the killing and crime plaguing the city.


When he first envisioned his new record label, he took three primary cornerstones into consideration: the past, the present, and the future. Drawing from a variety of urban music powerhouses, namely Motown, Uptown Records, Cash Money and Death Row, Bird decided his brand’s foundation would need to be quality music and a distinct sound.


Of perhaps even greater importance, however, is Bird’s realization that his hometown, and his labels home base of Los Angeles, needed to be more accurately portrayed. The young but seasoned music exec felt LA had been narrowly defined by its Gangsta rap legacy and gangbanging pathology. Diamond Lane Music Group is far more inclusive of everything LA represents – the four fingers used to throw up the “W” – Weed, Women, Weather, and clear blue Pacific Ocean Water. Fun times and a street grind combined. Bird has since cemented a significant LA lifestyle brand, one that has a street aura and gritty edge without relying on a Gangsta rap ethos.


Diamond Lane is, in essence, inclusive of life in Los Angeles – from sandy beaches and sunny vacations, clear skies and sunny days, to blockbuster movie premiers and the Grammy’s red carpet pageantry. The entertainment industry and its exciting billion dollar corporate enterprises live in LA. DLMG intends to rep this truth like no other West Coast label has. Equally impressive is the visual aspect of Diamond Lane Music Group. “Depth, good music, and a well behaved entourage” are elements Bird wanted infused in all DLMG videos. Also important was capturing the total LA lifestyle, not simply the overplayed image of the aging gangsta rapper which Bird estimates is less than 10% of LA’s culture, but also the cars and condos, beautiful women and fly fellas.


Benefitting from the tutelage of such industry luminaries as Drano Harrell, and the direct mentorship of older brothers and uncles who ran the streets with the business prowess of entertainment vets, Bird, a South Central Los Angeles native, set out to build a distinguished and upscale new label still influenced by the streets, though well-behaved and high class. Most importantly, the young CEO wants to establish his young stars and work to assure they received their “just due”.


The result of Bird’s erudite planning is a future as bright as the sunlit skies hanging over the city like a hoodie on the homies. “I have a personal vendetta, not certain against whom, but I have one,” Bird begins. “And that is to make certain Problem and Bad Lucc get their just due,” the label head continues. “Both have earned the right to be major and move ahead in this game.” Diamond Lane is the sound proof vehicle which will assure both do – and reach their destinations in style.


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Greg Miller

Big Hassle Media


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