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Qveen Herby


Michael Eisele


i’m qveen herby. my friends call me qveen and herby reminds me where I come from, the beautiful but isolated bible belt state of nebraska. i learned to sing & perform for my aunts & uncles in the living room during football games. i scared the shit outta my parents when i moved to boston to get a music degree then blew up on fucking youtube with my boyfriend (now producer, jedii nick). we signed a big fat record deal, moved to LA, and toured as Karmin for 5 years. saw some incredible shit, only thanks to incredible fans. i started buying old shitty houses and turning them into artist sanctuaries…i love designing things. i design my own merch and started a dope makeup line with my bff audrey (!

reinventing myself as qveen herby was easy because for the first time i have a real mission. i am here to empower you with my music. i am living fucking proof that you can be and have ANYTHING you want. no alternate agenda. i’ve been in the position of doing non-purposeful music and left that shit behind me. the best way to know what you want is knowing what you DON’T want. this is how i want to use my platform. i want to inspire you to live the highest, truest expression of yourself. a modern day boss bitch, enjoying the journey then reaching that supreme moment of destiny when you align your personality with your purpose!!

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