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Roberto Ortiz is an Indiana kid finding his place in the world. Roberto was raised by his grandmother, who ran a women’s shelter. After high school, he hopped on a bike and rode down to Mexico to find his estranged family. After two years and a few thousand miles of cycling, he ended up in the Amazon jungle making a documentary about a community poisoned by the remnants of big oil’s conquest in the rainforest. Afterwards, he landed back in LA where he collaborated with Mark Foster (Foster The People) and Bekon (Kendrick Lamar), traversing his way around town on bike and public bus. This resulted in a bike accident concussion, but that story is for another day. 2020 finds the young man releasing his first recordings of songs he wrote on his bicycle travels across North America. Growing up as a half-black half-Mexican kid in the midwest wasn’t exactly easy, and contributed to a complex individual with his own mind and thoughts about love and spirituality. These first batch of songs reflect his depth and intricacy as an artist and songwriter, and his diverse array of influences from Chance the Rapper to Paul Simon and Céu.

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