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Two Cheers


Cory Councill
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Two Cheers is singer/songwriter Bryan Akcasu’s music project based in Los Angeles. Bryan writes, records, and mixes exclusively in basements, bedrooms, and closets instead of studios. It’s mostly sparkly, beat-laden early 90s-esque “indie” music that calls to mind Real Estate, The Cure, Wavves, Young The Giant, and increasingly, Bjork. Bryan’s lyrics are chaotic, poetic, deeply personal, often tragic stream-of-consciousness vignettes.

Two Cheers began as a solo project in Los Angeles in 2014 with a self-titled record of slick, catchy, Cure-esque soft rock with deep beats and sparkly 90s flourishes. Guitarist Mitchell Dill and bassist Al Aguilar joined Two Cheers for 2015’s Splendor and 2016’s singles “Black Hole” and “Condos”, which gained praise from the blogosphere for their infectious energy, vivid lyricism, exuberant vocals, and intricate-yet-rocking guitar work. Bryan reformed Two Cheers in Detroit for 2016-2017, culminating in a performance at Detroit’s famous Dally In The Alley festival and a record release show tie-in with Corktown STRUT for 2017’s Rollick. Rollick was a collaboration with the new band and featured lusher production, glittering guitars, soaring synths, and darker moods, and owed its sound and sorrowful themes to the death of Bryan’s mother that year. NPR used the band’s acoustic version of “Splendor” to promote the Tiny Desk Contest. Around this time Bryan also appeared in The Unknown Tour documentary and lended vocals to the soundtrack. After a few years of playing shows around Detroit, Bryan decided to break up the Detroit iteration of Two Cheers, take hiatus, relocate back to Los Angeles,  and re-imagine his music career. “I’m not sure touring and playing a lot of little shows is for me. I love performing, but everything else that goes into it really bums me out, and life is too short for that. Having a bunch of bandmates was fun for awhile too, but all I want to do now is write some poems, play around in my studio, and call that Two Cheers.” Bryan began writing and recording a massive amount of new material in 2018, beginning with the forthcoming Rearview, and a handful of further releases for 2019.

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